Seasoned Veteran Joins in the Fight to End the Opioid Epidemic

This week Dr. Herrick announced his partnership with Sure Med Compliance, an organization that educates physicians on responsible opioid prescribing and equips them with tools to verify which patients are suitable for chronic opioid therapy and which have significant risk factors. Herrick will be serving as the Medical Director for Sure Med Compliance, a position he says will allow him to have a broader impact on a population he cares deeply about, patients with chronic pain.

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John BowmanNews
3 Ways to Help Mitigate Criminal Risk when Prescribing Opioids

Opioids play an important role for patients with both acute and chronic pain.  But the epidemic of opioid overdoses continues to worsen, despite restrictive measures by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and physicians are being held partly responsible.  So, for a physician who prescribes opioids for pain management, prescribing safely is the goal.  In this blog, we'll lay out 3 ways proper documentation can help to mitigate criminal risk when prescribing opioids. 

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