Care Continuity Program


What is the Care Continuity Program? 

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It’s a web-based evaluation that is accessed and completed outside of the doctor’s office by the patient. The evaluation takes only 15 minutes to complete and generates a report that can flow directly into your EMR/EHR. The data is also instantly sent to an easy-to-read dashboard that scores and categorizes both the risk and benefit of the patient’s treatment. 

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Why do I need this?

If you prescribe opioids, you should know that there are over 20 unique data points that play a role in substantiating “legitimate medical purpose.” Without assessing, measuring and documenting these data points prior to initiating opioid therapy, you may be putting yourself at risk for civil and criminal sanctions. Unfortunately, assessing and documenting all 20 data points in the office could take an hour per patient. Our Care Continuity Program evaluations eliminate OVER 50% of the time needed to assess and document Legitimate Medical Purpose by allowing the patient to answer the questions outside of the office. Furthermore, patients are educated on the risks and possible side effects of opioid therapy. Once the evaluation is submitted, a time and date stamped report is instantly transmitted into the EMR/EMR, helping to mitigate a prescribers civil and criminal risk. 

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How does it work?

Simply print an enrollment form from our software and hand it to your patient. That’s it! Instruct your patient to follow the instructions on the form and stress the importance of completing their evaluation prior to being seen each visit, otherwise they may be rescheduled until it is. Let them know that if they have any questions about the program or have technical issues while completing their evaluations, they can call our help desk at the number provided at the bottom of the form. Once the evaluation is complete, it will be available to view on the dashboard and the report will be transmitted to the patient’s chart.

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What’s the price?

For only $99 per month (1 provider included) and $29 per additional provider, you get unlimited enrollment in the Care Continuity Program, access to our nationally accredited Continuing Medical Education catalog and a written Diversion Control Plan for your office. For an additional $99, our auditing team will conduct an internal chart audit and give you good insight to what might occur if your charts were pulled by a regulatory agency.

Sure Med Compliance is a system that gives me the confidence to make very important opioid treatment decisions. It gives me real, easily accessible data that makes these decisions easier and justifiable. It also helps me to monitor the effects of my treatment over time.
— David Herrick M.D. Owner of Center for Pain, Montgomery, AL, Former member of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners and 150th President of the Medical Association of the state of Alabama

Who should I enroll?

Anyone being considered for opioid therapy or anyone currently being prescribed an opioid. For the purpose of active verification, we encourage you to mail or email a copy of the enrollment form to patients, prior to be seen in the office for the first time.  Patient’s already being prescribed chronic opioid therapy can be enrolled at the time of their next visit. 

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What information will the report give me?

Through examining cases against physicians, we were able to identify over 20 unique procedural details that played a role in informing whether or not an opioid was considered to be prescribed for a “legitimate medical purpose.” We then listed them as data points and organized them into a protocol, some of which should take place prior to an opioid being initiated and some that should occur each time an opioid is refilled. Next, we determined which of these data points must be completed in the office by a healthcare professional and which can be completed outside the office by the patient. The result is a time and date stamped legal record of a patient evaluation that helps determine and substantiate legitimate medical purpose. Data points such as depression, addiction risk, PTSD, pain severity, physical functional impairment, side effects and even patient specific education on the risks of opioid therapyare included in the report. Not only does the report give you information on patient risk of substance misuse, it gives you data on whether there is benefit to the opioid therapy each time you prescribe.

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