Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did I receive an email and/or brochure for Sure Med Compliance from ProAssurance?

A. Sure Med Compliance is an exclusive affiliate of ProAssurance. While both companies have different missions, our goal of ending the opioid epidemic through greater opioid prescribing compliance is well aligned with the core values and goals of ProAssurance. As an exclusive affiliate, we can offer ProAssurance insureds special discounted pricing as well as a 30-day risk free trial.

Q. How can Sure Med Compliance help me?

A. If you prescribe opioids, you face heightened civil and criminal liability. Sure Med Compliance offers opioid prescribers a simple solution to help determine and document legitimate medical purpose by performing an online patient evaluation that screens patients for substance misuse risk, educates them on the risks of opioid therapy and helps determine opioid therapy benefit. All of this happens outside of your office, allowing you to spend more time with your patients. The report that is generated can be added to the patient’s chart, mitigating your civil and criminal risk.

Q. What is the price of this service?

A. The price for Sure Med Compliance is $99 per month and $29 per additional user. However, if you are a ProAssurance Insured, we can offer you a special discounted rate of $69 per month and $19 per additional user as well as a 30-day risk free trial. For Practices with 10 or more healthcare providers, we offer special group pricing as well as a 30% additional discount for ProAssurance Insureds.

Q. Is there a contract?

A. There is no annual contract to use our services. With our month-to month billing schedule, you may cancel at any time for any reason.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. You can easily cancel at any time for any reason by simply calling our help desk and requesting to cancel your subscription. Once you cancel, you will no longer have access to our software and other product features. We do not return partial payments for unused days of the month. 

Q. I do not wish to use a credit card. Can I use another form of payment?

A. Unfortunately, we are only able to process credit card payments at this time.

Q. Will my card be billed after the 30-day free trial is up?

A. Yes. If you do not cancel before the 30-day trial is up, your credit card on file will be charged according to your plan.  If you decide to cancel your subscription before the 30-day trial is up, you will not be charged. 

Q. What day into my trial will my credit card on file be charged?

A. Credit cards on file will be charged on the 31st day of the free trial.