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Prescribing opioids can be risky. We can help.


Sure Med Compliance is a medical organization with a mission to end the opioid epidemic. We offer medical practices an affordable and convenient method to mitigate patient risk and provider liability. The Care Continuity Program is the FIRST and ONLY program designed specifically to help opioid prescribers determine and document legitimate medical purpose.



Care Continuity Program

Introducing the FIRST and ONLY active verification tool that helps identify a patient’s suitability for chronic opioid therapy before you prescribe and reassesses risk and benefit every time you prescribe.

We know time with the patient is limited. We also know that as a prescriber of controlled substances, you are being asked to do more. Let us help by doing some of the work for you. Our evaluations are based on the most current opioid prescribing guidelines and can be accessed by the patient prior to the office visit. Patients simply log onto the Care Continuity portal, answer some questions and submit their responses. Care Continuity Risk Reports are available in real-time, giving you the information you need, when you need it. These reports can be added to the patient’s chart and referred to in the progress note, helping mitigate your civil and criminal risk.

Continuing Medical Education

Our training modules are comprehensive, self-directed and follow the most current opioid prescribing guidelines. By training physicians on both the clinical and legal aspects of opioid prescribing, we are helping to change the way prescribers think about opioids. Furthermore, our training is custom tailored to fit within the unique workflow of a doctor's office. To learn more about our training program or find out if our training will count for CME credit in your state click the button below.



Our motto is “no surprises.” If your charts were pulled by a regulatory agency, what would they find? Many prescribers of opioids believe they are doing what is required when it comes to how they initiate, monitor and discontinue opioid therapy. Unfortunately, there is often a difference in what is being performed in the office and what is being documented in the chart. Our audit was designed to give you the best possible understanding of what you are doing well and what is missing.

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Meet Sarah...

Like 100 million Americans every year, Sarah is going to see her doctor about pain she is experiencing. What her doctor does next may play a big role in whether or not Sarah becomes another victim of the opioid epidemic.